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The sanatorium is very popular among guests, because here is the pearl of Belarus - Lake Naroch. We invite you to relax inPrioziernyj. Here you will always be surrounded by caring and professional care.  Prioziernyj is one of the largest sanatoriums in the Minsk region, with a capacity of up to 460 guests.

Sample treatment services for 7 days:

  • initial and final medical consultation

  • meals for dieters every day

  • diagnosis and treatment of emergencies as prescribed by a doctor

  • therapeutic exercises, morning gymnastics as recommended by the doctor

  • climate therapy -  codziennie

  • massage  classic or machine massage - 4 treatments

  • hydrotherapy - 4 treatments

  • thermotherapy - 4 treatments

  • light therapy -  4 treatments

  • inhalations as prescribed by the doctor 

  • pool with massage jets - 6 times

  • drinking mineral water as prescribed by your doctor


  • circulatory system

  • nervous system

  • musculoskeletal connective tissue  

  • digestive organs

  • genitourinary system

  • dental

Types of treatments:

  • ECG

  • dosed climatotherapy

  • halotherapy

  • dentistry

  • therapeutic gymnastic exercises (physiotherapy, mechanotherapy)

  • dietary nutrition (Phytotherapy with the use of antisclerotic, hypotensive, general sedative, general strengthening, pulmonary and gastric herbal collections

  • oxygen cocktails

  • aromatherapy

  • therapeutic massage: manual massage, hydromassage, apparatus relaxing massage (horizontal massage and massage chair), oriental massage, stone therapy (hot stone massage)

  • balneo-mud treatment: therapeutic and aromatic baths, healing souls (circulating, ascendant, Charcot shower), paraffin-osokerite and mud applications, electro-mud treatment

  • sauna with swimming pool

  • drinking cure with bottled mineral water

  • electrolight therapy: electrophoresis, ultrasound therapy, diadynamic currents, magnetotherapy, laser therapy, darsonvalization, UF-irradiation, solarium, biotrontherapy

  • reflexology

  • muscle relaxation with elements of manual therapy


8 days (7 nights) in room 2 pers. with TV, fridge,WiFi


breakfast, lunch, dinner - buffet, 4th meal - kefir


  • group of min. 20 people - PLN 305

  • group  30 - 39 people - PLN 212

  • group of min. 40 people - PLN 160


4 / 5 per day + 2 visits to the doctor on the day of arrival and departure: the treatment will be ordered by the doctor after obtaining health information

Trip optional:

Optional full-day trip to Minsk

  • with a group of 20 people - PLN 150

  • with a group of 30 people - PLN 110

  • with a group of 40 people - 100 zloty

The price of the trip includes: transport, guide

z j. Polish (6 hours), parking fees

The price includes:

  • accommodation

  • food

  • medical care

  • KL and accident insurance

  • Belarusian visa and visa service

The price does not include: 

  • additional treatments 

  • health resort fee (payable at the sanatorium):

8 days: room 1 person: 17 EUR, room 2 os. 12 EUR

14 days: room 1 person: 20 EUR, room 2 os. 25 EUR

  • optional trips

Optional trip:

optional full-day trip to Minsk:

  • with a group of 20 people - PLN 150

  • with a group of 30 people - PLN 110

  • with a group of 40 people - 100 zloty

The price of the tour includes: transport, guide z j. Polish (6 hours), parking fees


The passport must be valid for a minimum of 180 days from the end of the trip and have min. 2 blank pages. 

1 colour, sharp, current (not older than 6 months), showing eyes and face clearly from both sides, passport size photo (size 3.5 x 4.5 cm).
A computer-filled visa application, printed on both sides and signed by hand (signature  identical to the passport).
Documents must be delivered to the office selling the offer at least 21 days before departure


Persons undergoing treatment for diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiology, etc., should purchase additional insurance for chronic diseases in the amount of PLN 30 to PLN 50.

Those receiving treatment should bring their medical records with them in order to adjust treatments. 

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