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The sanatorium is located in the Grodno district, in the relict  oak grove  on the banks of the Neman River. Distance from Grodno - 3 km. Completely rebuilt and modernized in 2009 and 2014. Perfect climatic conditions climate  (moderate air humidity) favorably affect the bodies of holidaymakers.
Sanatorium "Perła" is a place that invites both patients for treatment and guests to spend time here in a beneficial environment. Highly qualified staff will offer generally strengthening and preventive treatments tailored individually to each person.

The sanatorium conducts treatment

in the field of diseases:

  • cardiovascular system

  • nervous system

  • thyroid diseases

  • gynecological diseases

  • gastrointestinal system

  • musculoskeletal system, including joint diseasesorgans

  • respiratory and allergic origin

Recreation and sports base:
coffee bar, billiards, table tennis, chess, training room, basketball courts, volleyball courts, hockey,_cc781905-5cde-3154-bb3b-138d for children and adults), roller skates, scooters, skis, nordic walking, to which several routes with varying degrees of slope have been prepared, children's room (possibility to leave the child under the care of the tutor),_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_dance hall,
cinema and concert hall with 100 seats, library, conference room, bus to the city (free).
Additionally, there are organized: themed evenings, sightseeing tours, animation activities.

Types of treatments:

  • Spa zone (spa-capsuleNeo-Q Professional)

  • cryotherapy, halotherapy, phytotherapy

  • pneumocompression therapy, hydrocolonotherapy

  • laser therapy, magnetotherapy

  • physical therapy

  • hydrotherapy

  • all types of massage - underwater, mechanical, manual

  • phyto salts

  • pearl, carbon, oxygen and galvanic baths

  • healing showers

  • mud treatment, thermotherapy

  • inhalations

  • fitness exercises, gymnasticsb

  • therapeutic pool equipped with: shower-cascade, on different levels, jet massages, underwater geysers, water trainers and jacuzzi

  • swimming pool equipped with Russian and Finnish saunas with a rest area

  • balneotherapy: therapeutic baths (sulfate, iodine-bromine, carbon baths, salt baths, oxygen baths and many others)

  • healing showers: Szarko shower, rising shower, circulation shower, "Vichy" shower, underwater massage shower, cascade shower - on the pool, Scottish shower, contrast shower.

  • mud treatment: electro-mud, electro-mud treatment, general mud, mud applications

  • apparatus physiotherapy: Elektrolecznictwo magnetotherapy: galvanization, electrotherapy, electrical stimulation, interference therapy, fluxuration, darsonvalization, ultratonotherapy, amplipulse therapy, diadynamotherapy, electroanalgesia, electrosleep, magnetotherapy, inductothermia, microwave resonance therapy, microwave therapy

  • EHF-therapy, UFH-therapy, SMV-therapy

  • light therapy: infrared irradiation, chromotherapy, laser therapy

  • vibration and ultrasound: Supersonic therapy, Ultraphonophoresis, Pressotherapy

  • inhalations: drug inhalations, oil inhalations, lye inhalations, mineral water inhalations, herbal inhalations

  • traction therapy: dry stretching of the spine.

  • gas treatment: dry carbon baths.

  • massage department: general therapeutic classic massage, zonal therapeutic classic massage, general children's massage, lymph drainage massage, vibromassage, vibrotraction massage, anti-cellulite massage.

  • coloproctology: intestinal washing, hydrocolonotherapy, intestinal irrigation

  • thermotherapy: paraffin therapy, ozokeritotherapy, cryotherapy (general), thermotherapy (sauna, bath), treatment in the spa-capsule, Spa capsule

  • physiotherapy: therapeutic swimming, therapeutic gymnastics,

  • mechanotherapy, respiratory gymnastics, Scandinavian walking - Nordic walking,

  • terrenkurotherapy, hydrokinesotherapy, bicycle training

  • climatotherapy: spieleotherapy, gallotherapy

  • alternative treatment methods: Aromatherapy,
    Falconry, Phytotherapy, Oxygen cocktail, autohemotherapy (according to indications), homeopathy, non-contact hydromassage, moist compresses

In addition to traditional physiotherapeutic and therapeutic and rehabilitation procedures, our sanatorium also offers innovative programs:

  • programWeight correction (under the constant care of a dietitian, with an individual program and diet)

  • programSkin elasticity, removes sagging, increases elasticity and elasticity of the skin. Prevention of premature aging

  • programHealing of the muscular system, removal of muscle tension and reduction of pain and cramps after intense loads. Stimulation of metabolism and lipolysis processes. Mobilization of the body's protective forces

  • programSkin detoxificationrenewing, cleansing and moisturizing the skin. Improvement of blood microcirculation. It adds softness and elasticity to the skin

  • programNormalization of sleep, improving the quality of rest during sleep, renewing biorhythms. Removal of tension, improvement of physical well-being. Increased resistance to stress. Deep physical and mental relaxation

  • programAnti-cellulite, reducing the volume of problem zones, softening and balancing the skin, improving mood and stimulating life energy

  • programs for children (from 3 to 5 years old; from 6 to 16 years old).


We offer cozy, comfortable rooms in two modern, restored 4 and 5-storey buildings, connected to the medical building with heated passages. , fridge, electric kettle, new furniture and sanitary technology, with night lamps next to each bed. All rooms have balconies. 


5 times a day:

breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, dinner, kefir as the 5th meal


Travel cost: Biała Podlaska - Brest - Sanatorium Brest - Biała Podlaska - 98 PLN/person + the cost of travel from Brest to the Sanatorium depends on the number of people
Departures from other cities on request



as prescribed by the doctor:

  • stay 15 day 5/6 treatments a day

  • 8-day stay, 3/4 treatments a day

The price includes:

  • accommodation

  • food

  • treatments

The price does not include:

  • health resort fee (payable at the sanatorium):

  • 8 days: room 1 person: 17 EUR, room 2 os. 12 EUR

  • 14 days: room 1 person: 20 EUR, room 2 os. 25 EUR

  • travel cost

  • additional treatments

  • sightseeing trips organized by the sanatorium


How to make a reservation?
By phone, e-mail or in the reservation system at - tab - Sanatoria.
It is necessary to provide personal data (names and surname, date of birth, passport series and number) and contact details (exact address of residence with postal code, telephone number) of participants and the date of the stay and place of departure, if the offer includes transport.
After receiving the above information, our consultants will prepare a contract and contact you to discuss the details.


Your passport must be valid for a minimum of 90 days from the end of the tour and have at least 2 free pages.
One passport-size color photograph (size 3.5 x 4.5 cm), sharp, recent (not older than 6 months), clearly showing the eyes and face from both sides from the top of the head to the upper part of the shoulders, so that the face occupies 70 80% of photographs show a person without a headgear, looking straight ahead, with their mouth closed.
A computer-filled visa application (available in the tab - FILES FOR DOWNLOADS), printed on both sides and signed by hand (the signature should be the same as in the passport).
Documents must be delivered to the office selling the offer at least 21 days before departure.

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