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Torun - Kruszwica - Poznan

2-day trip

Toruń – one of the oldest Polish cities, with a historic old town complex, which in 1997 was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The most important monuments of the city include St. Mary's Church, Old Town Square with the Town Hall, Arthur's Court, Tenement House under the Star, Copernicus' House, Leaning Tower, a complex of defensive walls.
Kruszwica – the legendary capital of Poland, famous for its brick, Gothic tower standing alone on the Castle Hill - Mouse Tower. Poznań – with characteristic Goats on the Town Hall building and, among others, A palm house where you can see tropical vegetation, temperate vegetation, etc


1 Day

substitution of the coach,

transfer to Toruń,

guided tour of Toruń, including:

  • Old Town: Market Square with the Old Town Hall, Burgher tenement houses from the late 13th-18th century (the so-called Copernicus House - birthplace of Nicolaus Copernicus, Tenement Under the Star), City walls (several towers have been preserved (including the Leaning Tower, Cat's Head) and 3 gates (Bridge, Sailing and Monastery), Church of the Holy Spirit from the 18th century, tower from the late 19th century, Artus Court, Monument to Nicolaus Copernicus from 1853, Monument to a raftsman,

  • Living Gingerbread Museum with the production of own gingerbread,

transfer to Kruszwica,

guided tour of Kruszwica, entry to the Mysia Tower and boat tripRusalka on Lake Gopło,

transfer and hotel accommodation,

dinner at the hotel.

2nd day


transfer to Poznań,

guided tour of Poznań: among others: the Gothic Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul, the parish church of St. Mary Magdalene and St. Stanislaus, the market square, the town hall, the tower (a clock with goats), the Poznań Palm House,

return to Olsztyn.


Accommodation in a hotel in Kobylniki, in double, triple and quadruple rooms with bathrooms



by coach on the route:

Olsztyn - Torun - Kruszwica - Kobylniki - Poznan - Olsztyn

We provide:

  • accommodation

  • transport 

  • parking fees,

  • sightseeing program,

  • entrance tickets to visited objects:
    to the Living Gingerbread Museum in Toruń,
    to the Mouse Tower in Kruszwica,

  • boat tripRusalka po Goples,

    to the Palm House in Poznań,

    • guide services in:
    Poznań (3 hours), Toruń (3 hours), Kruszwica (2 hours), Palm House (45 minutes),

  • pilot care,

  • accident insurance,

  • carers free of charge (1 out of 15 participants).

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