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Experiment Science Center


This is an extraordinary place: it arouses curiosity, allows you to understand the world while having fun and proves that everyone is a lifelong explorer.


Experiment exhibition

consists of 25 positions:

  • Grupa Środowiska - shows the world around us, from plants to animals and microorganisms living on it, and teaches how to save the most important life-giving gift of nature, which is water

  • The group human - allows you to see how the human body is built inside.

  • The group optics - makes it possible to learn the principles of optics in practice through fun.

  • The sound group - introduces you to the mysterious world of sounds and allows you to create your own unique melody on quite unusual instruments.G

  • Grupa physics - here everyone can discover this field of physics with the help of fascinating experiments.

Exhibition Kaleidoscope - perverse eye
An interactive exhibition consisting of over 30 stands presenting fascinating phenomena from the world of optics. At individual stations, we will learn about phenomena that help to understand issues such as the operation of the camera  or optical fiber, the secrets of mirrors and the formation of a three-dimensional image.

Educational activities for school groups:

My home is eco (grade 2-6)

classes during which children will learn how to prevent our planet from becoming a huge garbage dump, what the 3R principle is, how to save water and energy, and how to recognize ecological signs.
During classes children:

  • they will see funny, short film animations

  • learn to sort waste

  • they change the face of home, a street of unsustainable development

  • they will solve puzzles, work in groups and use an interactive whiteboard.

Mr Ball on Water and Air (grade 2-3)

classes during which Mr. Kulka will reveal the fascinating secrets of water and air to students based on interesting experiences.
During classes children:

  • they will perform experiments with water and air

  • they will use their natural senses - they will learn how to care for the quality of water and air

  • they will solve crossword puzzles, watch short animations and work with an interactive board.

With Nature for your brother (grades 2-5)

classes, during which students will be divided into teams that will compete with each other. During the meeting "With nature for your brother", children will have the task of answering the Educator's question and solving puzzles. Attractive classes will broaden students' knowledge of the flora and fauna of forest environments and will bring closer the relationship between them.

Mystery Unsolved (Grade 6)

During the classes, participants will face a fascinating natural mystery. Their task will be to reconstruct the mysterious events and detect the perpetrator of the confusion. We leave a photo of the crime scene, a trace found and a list of suspects at the students' disposal. Classes are great fun and a test of logical thinking at the same time.


transport by coach with a pilot on the routeOlsztyn-Gdynia-Olsztyn (also from other cities for an additional fee)

We provide:

  • Entrance ticket toExperiment Science Center
    walk aroundOliwa Garden

  • Lunch

  • Transport

  • Tolls

  • Parking fees

  • Service of an office representative / pilot

  • Costs of guardians - 3 people

  • NWW and KL insurance

  • Exhibition admission ticket

Kaleidoscope - Perverse Eye

  • Educational activities - 1 topic to choose from

Additional Paid Program Expenses:

are paid individually by participants

  • Sightseeing of the Old Town of Gdańsk with a guide

PLN 10 / person

  • Screening in a 5D cinema

PLN 13 / person

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