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About us

"GLOB" TOURISM ENTERPRISE in Olsztyn has been operating on the tourist market since 1992. We have been a member of the Polish Chamber of Tourism since 1993. We have an entry in the Register of Tourist Organizers and Agents of the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship No. 20/0893/2004  and the SIGNAL IDUNY Tourist Insurance Guarantee No. M514798

An important domain of our activity is the organization of events and conferences for workplaces in the country and abroad (e.g. Greece, Malta, Spain, Dubai, etc.).

We organize holidays for children and teenagers in Poland and abroad. From 2015. we specialize in organizing colonies and camps for children and youth with type 1 diabetes, both in Poland and abroad. We offer our youngest customers not only rest in interesting places, in high-standard centers with good food , with a rich cultural and educational offer, but also thematically interesting events. Qualified, experienced teaching staff will watch over the safety of your children.

We sell attractive offers, air, bus, ferry and self-driving trips.

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