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 Seaside adventure

Mrzeżyno is a seaside resort - a paradise for lovers of water attractions. The program includes: relaxing on the beach, laser paintball, Team Building great fun. We encourage you to spend your holidays with us.

PLN 2,310 / person


  • all-day stay at the training ground in Trzebiatów - Laser Tag - laser paintball, a trip to the Fantasy Valley - an outdoor game Following the Trail of Dark Adventure, water madness in Aqua Park Hotel Zalewski, amber workshops, first aid and medical rescue workshops

  • festival of colors - a battle of colors with the use of natural, non-toxic Holi powder, and at the end a commemorative, colorful selfie,

  • art classes: holiday postcard,

  • holiday and beach fashion show,

  • the most interesting hairstyles and make-up,

  • colonist day, 

  • animation program, sports activities,

  • games: football, volleyball, ping pong,

  • Miss and Mister elections,

  • sunbathing and swimming in the sea,

  • competition of sand structures with prizes, "Wet Beach Volleyball"

  • team struggles on the beach with the use of balloons filled with water,

  • Neptunalia - meeting with Neptune and Proserpine,

  • use of the indoor heated swimming pool - aqua aerobics,

  • bonfire with sausages roasting,

  • DJ discos.


Holiday and summer resortRutexlocated approx. 300 m from the sea. Rooms for 4 people with bathrooms. 


The coach  under the care of tutors.


three meals a day plus afternoon tea. 

It is possible to buy the following diets: vegetarian - PLN 100 surcharge, gluten-free - PLN 100 surcharge. The selected diet should be reported when making the reservation - on the day of signing the contract.

We provide:

  • behindquartering

  • board

  • program implementation

  • tutors' care

  • accident insurance

Participants should have:

  • current school ID,

  • PESEL number,

  • passport when traveling abroad,

  • personal clothing,

  • small handy backpack,

  • sport shoes,

  • waterproof jacket,

  • cream with UV filter,

  • Headgear,

  • swimsuit.

Facultative trips:

(with a group of at least 30 participants)

if allowed by the guidelines of the Ministry of National Education: 

  • Tropical Islands - PLN 230/person + approx. 40 EUR/person It is mandatory to have a passport or ID card valid for 6 months, 

  • Rope parkGibbon– PLN 40/person,

  • boat trip - PLN 30/person

Age: 10-15 years


  • 06/07 - 16/07/2022

  • 17/07 - 27/07/2022

  • 29/07 - 08/08/2022

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