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 horse training camp drive horse

The stud farm is located 10 km from Olsztyn in Barczewko. It is located among beautiful forests, on the picturesque Lake Wadąg, in a rural and idyllic scenery. Traditional carriage rides, combined with feasts and fun by the fire, guarantee an unforgettable experience, and horse riding remains in the memory for many years.

PLN 2,050 / person

program (2 lesson hours of training per day) and:

  • saddling a horse,

  • walking horses,

  • basics of dressage under the supervision of an instructor,

  • horse riding in the field with a trainer for beginners,

  • show jumping (for advanced groups),

  • learning with an instructor for beginners,

  • group field trips (for advanced groups),

  • vaulting basics,

  • swimming horses in Lake Wadąg (for advanced groups)

  • learning for beginners,

  • LEISURE AND RECREATION: walks in the forest, stalking,

  • movie night

  • club games and activities and sports and integration

  • campfire.

Age: 8-17 years old


  • 26.06 - 02.07. 2022

  • 10.07 - 16.07. 2022

  • 24/07 - 30/07/2022

  • 07/08 - 13/08/2022


Guest house in the AGROTURYSTYCZNE "JANCZARY" farm surrounded by beautiful forests, near the WADĄG lake. Rooms for 3 and 4 people with bathrooms, 


Own transport


four meals a day (breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner). The first meal - dinner on the day of arrival, the last - lunch on the day of departure.


We provide:

  • accommodation

  • meals (breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea served with lunch, dinner),

  • implementation of a recreational program and horse riding lessons,

  • diplomas and medals,

  • pedagogical care, 

  • t-shirt with the logo TRAVEL OFFICE EWA ZIELIŃSKA and JANCZARY,

  •  photo in a frame with your favorite horse,

  • performed during the camp, 

  • accident insurance.


Participants should have:

  • appropriate clothes and shoes for horse riding,

  • toque, 

  • outdoor clothing, 

  • current school ID,

  • comfortable sports shoes,

  • waterproof jacket,

  • flashlight and spare battery

  • notebook, pen,

  • refill water bottle, 

  • cream with UV filter,

  • Headgear.

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