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kopernik Science Center


This is an extraordinary place: it arouses curiosity, allows you to understand the world while having fun and proves that everyone is a lifelong explorer.


The roots of civilization

An exhibition that allows you to travel from ancient history to the future that awaits us, and to learn about the most important achievements of human thought.

Gallery for the youngestzzzz!

(admission up to the age of 6)

An exhibition stimulating the imagination and curiosity of the world, prepared especially for the youngest - children from two to six years old. Right at the entrance, insects and fish await you, which you can catch in an unusual net made of your own shadow.

Light zone

The exhibition immersed in darkness gives an opportunity to learn about the properties of light  and to experience various types of optical illusions. Entering the world of criminal  cartoon noir story, you and detective Wiktor Foton try to unravel the mystery of strange events plaguing Lightshore.

Man and the environment

The exhibits located here allow you to look inside the human body and learn about the surrounding world through independent experiments. Arena is an opportunity to test your physical fitness
and compare your own achievements with those of wild animals. By exploring the nooks and crannies of the Urban Jungle, you learn where tap water and electricity come from. You can also redevelop Warsaw to make it as friendly as possible to residents.

A world in motion

The exhibition  proves that the world around us is in constant motion.  Thanks to the exhibits that make up  you can find out how the waves spread sound  and light, as well as how the fingers are set in motion.

Re: generation

(admission from the age of 14)

The experiments waiting here allow you to explore the secrets of the human psyche:  find out  more about yourself and the laws governing relations between people._cc781905-5cde-31958-bb3b-136bad5cf

robotic theater

is one of the most original and unusual projects of the Copernicus Science Centre. It features RoboThespians, i.e. RoboActors - modern humanoid robots that can move around the stage, move their heads, gesticulate and express feelings with their "LCD" eyes. Their game is enriched by animations. In this theater, viewers can follow fictional stories about feelings, about complicated relationships between people and successive achievements of science, and also about the interpenetration of the exact sciences and the humanities. Performances take place every 40 minutes. The proposed performances are:

  • Of Prince Ferric and Princess Krystal,

  • The Mystery of the Empty Wardrobe, or Ghosts from the Fourth Dimension


travel with the organizer's pilot by coach or train for an additional fee or on your own.

We provide:

  • Entrance ticket to the Copernicus Science Center for the following exhibitions:

the roots of civilization,

man and the environment,

Light Zone, World in Motion,

Re:generation (for participants over 14 years old),

robotic theater*

  • Lunch

  • transport 

  • Tolls

  • Parking fees

  • Service of an office representative / pilot

  • Costs of guardians - 3 people

  • NNW and KL insurance

Additional Paid Program Expenses:

are paid individually by participants

  • Visiting the Royal Castle with a guide

PLN 26 / person

  • Screening in a 5D cinema

PLN 13 / person

  • Entrance to the planetarium

PLN 14 / person - reduced ticket

PLN 18 / person - regular ticket

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