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Krakow - Zakopane

3-day trip

Zakopane - probably the most famous town in southern Poland, located at the foot of the Tatra Mountains - one of the most important attractions of the region. It is associated with its representative street - Krupówki. In Zakopane, you can also visit interesting museums, e.g. The Museum of the Zakopane Style - Inspirations, the Tatra Museum, the Museum of the Zakopane Style in the villaKoliba. Kraków is one of the oldest cities in Poland - once the seat of Polish kings. The city is associated with many legends, many important historical and cultural events. What Krakow is famous for are the streets of the Old Town, the Royal Castle, St. Mary's Tower, historic Kazimierz, churches, museums, fortifications, mounds, cruises of the white fleet on the Vistula.


1 Day


transfer to Zakopane,

walk to Krupówki,

dinner or bonfire or grill.

2nd day


a guided trip to the Kościeliska Valley, visiting the Mroźna Cave + entry to the Tatra National Park, lunch at the resort,

entry to Gubałówka - exit from Butorowy Wierch,

visiting Wielka Krokiew,

free time,



3rd day


transfer to Krakow,

guided tour of Krakow, including: Wawel Hill (Royal Cathedral, Sigismund's Tower and crypts with the graves of Polish kings and national heroes, Royal Castle, Royal Chambers, Dragon's Den), Royal Route (city walls, Florian's Gate and Barbican, Market Square Main, St. Mary's Church, Cloth Hall, St. Adalbert's Church, Adam Mickiewicz Monument and Town Hall Tower),

free time, return to Olsztyn.


room  4,5,6 - person  with bathrooms.


2 breakfasts, 1 lunch and 2 dinners

(or instead of dinner, a barbecue or a bonfire).


Olsztyn - Zakopane - Krakow - Olsztyn and transport during sightseeing,

We provide:

  •  transport

  • parking fees,

  • program implementation,

  • tickets:
    to the Mroźna Cave in the Kościeliska Valley,
    to the Tatra National Park
    entry to Gubałówka and exit from Butorowy,
    on Wielka Krokiew,
    to the Royal Cathedral in Krakow with the Sigismund Tower and the Tombs of Polish Kings,
    to St. Mary's Church,
    to the Dragon's Den,

  • accident insurance,

  • pilot care,

  • guide services around Krakow - 4 hours,

  • carers free of charge (1 out of 15 participants).

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