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New Holland, Malbork

1 day trip

Nowa Holland is a complex with a large number of water reservoirs connected by a network of canals with bridges, footbridges and paths. The facility with a total area of 30 hectares. can be explored using kayaks, pedal boats, and pleasure boats. There are e.g. a 24-hour bar "Pod Strzechą" offering Polish cuisine based on products from the Żuławy region. Malbork is a city associated with a three-section defensive fortress in the Gothic style. This Teutonic castle is one of the largest surviving complexes of Gothic architecture in the world. Currently, the Castle Museum in Malbork functions within its walls.


substitution of the coach,

drive to New Holland,

stay in New Holland (vaporetto and stagecoach ride),

transfer to Malbork,

lunch in Malbork,

visiting the Castle Museum in Malbork,

return to Olsztyn.


travel with the organizer's pilot by coach or train for an additional fee or on your own.

We provide:

  • coach transport,

  • accident insurance,

  • pilot care,

  • guide services in Malbork,

  • entrance tickets to visited objects and tram and stagecoach rides,

  • carers free of charge (1 out of 15 participants).

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