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Windsurf training camp

Masuria is a unique land, which due to its magnificent forests and beautiful lakes is an ideal place for pholiday adventure. It is also the best place to come to camp and gain new skills. 


includes windsurfing training according to the recommendations of the Polish Windsurfing Association. Classes include theoretical and practical training. Classes are held in two groups (beginner and advanced), 3 - 4 hours. activities per day. During the training, participants deepen their theoretical and practical knowledge about windsurfing equipment, its construction, purpose and use. Water safety rules, basics of meteorology. 

core group

learning turns, buoyancy swimming on different courses, sharpening and falling off. 

Advanced group

lessons in planing, on centerboards, sailing in a trapeze, starting from the shore. 

In addition to the training, participants take part in integration, animation and sports activities. In the evening there will be bonfires with learning how to sing shanties, discos and karaoke.At the end of the camp, we planned an exam for a patent / certificate of PSW I, II, III class and a regatta. As part of the program, a coach trip to the Tropikana Water Park in Mikołajki will be organized.


The price does not include:

participants' travel to the resort: renting a wetsuit PLN 100 per turnus; fees for issuing a patent / certificate - PLN 25 1st class, PLN 30 2nd class, PLN 50 3rd class; optional classes.

Requirements for participants:

completed 11 years before the start of the stay, no health contraindications to windsurfing - declaration of parents / legal guardians, basic swimming skills in a life jacket - declaration of parents / legal guardians.


Optional during the camp:

pass the motorboat driver patent exam!

Come home with additional qualifications, get a license to control motor boats. During the camp, we offer complete training in motor swimming carried out by experienced instructors. Practical and theoretical classes completed with an exam for a patent for a motor driver.

Price for the training: PLN 450

Price for the exam:

with a discount for students upon presentation of the ID card PLN 125, without a discount PLN 250.


14 years of age not later than on the day of the exam, consent of guardians for the exam, money in cash for the exam (with a discount for pupils and students PLN 125, without a discount PLN 250). There are no health and fitness requirements, only basic self-reliance is required.


before the start of the event via the form or during the stay at the camp manager. The condition for the implementation of the course during the stay is the registration of min. 3 participants.


CenterCamp Piszis located at the southern end of the sailing route on the outskirts of the city of Pisz, which you can sail 80 km - with and against the wind. The facility has a large bathing area, a yacht port, a sailing tavern, sanitary facilities, camping cabins, a camping site. 


travel with the organizer's pilot by coach or train for an additional fee or on your own.


is served in the dining room located in the resortCamp Pisz. A dish (three meals a day) prepared by the hotel restaurantShadow Streak from local produce. Polish cuisine inspired by regional dishes and slow-food philosophy. At the request of carers, we also serve vegetarian and dietary dishes, we adapt the menu to allergy sufferers. Every day for classes, participants receive a bottle of mineral water.

We provide:

  • accommodation

  • food

  • implementation of the training, windsurfing training: implementation of the training in accordance with the PSW requirements, completed with an examination for a patent / PSW certificate / class I, II, III, practical and theoretical classes, equipment: windsurfing boards (the training is carried out on equipment with parameters adapted to the size and skills of the participants and weather conditions), life jackets,

  • kayaks

  • bicycles

  • staff: camp manager, windsurfing instructor, instructor's assistant acting as an educator, rescue and medical security

  • bus trip to Aquapark Tropikana in Mikołajki

  • bonfires

  • discos

  • trips

  • learning shanty

  • outdoor, integration and team games

  • competitions, karaoke tournaments

  • kayaking and SUP rafting (board with a paddle) on Lake Roś

  • accident insurance (sum insured PLN 30,000)


Participants should have:

  • participant card

  • a declaration of parents about the state of health and swimming skills

  • school ID

  • pen, notebook

  • your own wetsuit if you have one

  • surf shoes

  • raincoat

  • warm clothes with long sleeves

  • baseball cap

  • soft-soled shoes

  • Sunglasses

  • swimsuit

  • sports clothes, sports shoes

  • water bottle, 2 towels

Additional Paid Program Expenses:

are paid individually by participants

  • Tropicana Water Park

PLN 25 (children under 14)

PLN 50 (children over 14)

  • Prater Amusement Park (Ferris wheel - the symbol of Vienna, tunnels of laughter, shooting ranges, game rooms)

around 30 euros

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