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 Stadion National

i Studio TV


On the other side of the glass screen, i.e. the TV studio from behind and there is one ball, there are two goals, i.e. the National Stadium in all its glory.


Get to know Polish Television from the inside out

A unique opportunity to walk through the corridors of TVP at ul. Woronicza, which was visited by such stars as Krystyna Loska, Grażyna Torbicka, Przemysław Babiarz and Olga Lipińska. Children will learn about the history of TVP in an accessible way, and they will be able to use the acquired knowledge in the future. 

See what once could only be dreamed of

The National Stadium is now open to the public. The guide will show the most interesting places at the Stadium, including the players' changing rooms, the VIP zone, the lower and upper ring of the stands and the multi-denominational chapel.

take the challenge

  • Try to overcome 10 km of various types of stairs that are located at the National Stadium.

  • Walk around the National Stadium, the area of which is over 200,000 m2, i.e. 3 areas of Galeria Mokotów in Warsaw

  • Walk around a field that would fit 60-ton trucks

  • Take a seat in the stands that have held 58,000 spectators

  • Look up and take in the building's steel structure, which is over 11,000 tons


travel by coach with a pilot on the route: Olsztyn - Warsaw - Olsztyn (also from other cities for an additional fee)

We provide:

  • Entrance to the studio of Polish Television with a guide

  • Entrance to the National Stadium with a guide

  • A walk around the Old Town

  • Lunch

  • Transport

  • Tolls

  • Parking fees

  • Office representative/pilot service

  • Costs of guardians -3 people

  • Insurance

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