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Piast Route

2-day trip

Kruszwica - the legendary capital of Poland, famous for its brick, Gothic tower standing alone on the Castle Hill - Mouse Tower. Gniezno - the first capital of Poland, famous for from the Gniezno Doors - a monument of Romanesque casting art, the Museum of the Origins of the Polish State. Biskupin - an archaeological reserve associated with the existence of a defensive settlement of the Lusatian culture in this area in 737 BC.


1 Day

substitution of the coach,

transfer to Kruszwica,

visiting Kruszwica, climbing the Mouse Tower,

a boat trip on Lake Gopło,

transfer to Inowrocław for accommodation, accommodation in a shelter,


walk around the Old Town.

2nd day


transfer to Gniezno,

sightseeing in Gniezno, Biskupin, a narrow-gauge train ride to Venice with a guide,

lunch in Żnin,

return to Olsztyn


accommodation in a shelter in rooms for 2,3,4,5 people,


by coach

We provide:

  • transport,

  • accident insurance,

  • pilot care,

  • guide services in Kruszwica, Gniezno, Biskupin and Wenecja,

  • accommodation, 

  • entrance tickets to visited objects,

  • meals (1 lunch, 1 dinner, 1 breakfast),

  • carers free of charge (1 out of 15 participants).

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