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Wilimowo Herbal Valley

1 day trip


An agritourism farm in Wilimów near Olsztyn, which attracts guests with many attractions - e.g. horse-drawn carriage rides, canoeing along the Łyna valley, paddle boating, the possibility of taking advantage of herbal treatments, a chance to see farm and exotic animals (ostriches and other exotic birds), seeing the host's collection of military items and off-road vehicles - a chance to ride an UAZ or a SKOT armored car .


substitution of the coach,

transfer to Wilimów,

stay on the farm:

  • getting to know the farm: horses, goats, donkey, Vietnamese pigs, ostriches and other exotic birds,

  • the opportunity to learn about work in the field - a collection of modern agricultural machines,

  • hiking in the forest (depending on age),

  • getting to know the host's military collection - historic vehicles and other equipment,

  • competitions, games, fun - "horseshoe", volleyball, football, dodgeball,

  • refreshments between classes - homemade broth, bonfire with sausages, homemade compote for dessert,

  • you can buy ice cream on site,

return to Olsztyn.


travel with the organizer's pilot by coach

We provide:

  • transport,

  • accident insurance,

  • pilot's care throughout the route,

  • stay on the farm and its attractions,

  • carers free of charge (1 out of 15 participants).

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