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Sources of the Łyna River

1 day trip

The Reserve of the Source of the Łyna River occupies an area of 121 ha and covers the source area of the Łyna River in the form of numerous springs flowing out in a vast valley and numerous side gorges. In places with significant slopes, the material left by the glacier is washed away by streams. This phenomenon is called back erosion, which means the constant retreat of springs towards the boundaries of the watershed. The place covered by the reserve is also associated with many local legends related to the creation of both the Łyna River itself and its name.


substitution of the coach,

transfer to Olsztynek,

sightseeingArt Glassworksin Olsztynek,

Sightseeing program, combined with a presentation of the production of glass products.
The glassworks specializes in the performance of:

  • decorative and utility glass, including: vases, salad bowls, candlesticks, platters, decanters​

  • decorative glass, including figurines (angels, birds, fish, swans, elephants)

  • promotional gifts for companies, with engraving - on request, according to the customer's design.

visiting the ReserveSources of the Łyna River

bonfire with sausages roasting,

return to Olsztyn.


travel with the organizer's pilot by coach

We provide:

  • transport,

  • accident insurance,

  • bonfire (sausage, bread, drinks),

  • pilot-guide care,

  • carers free of charge (1 out of 15 participants).

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