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Located 20 km from Baranowicze in a deciduous and coniferous forest, near Pawlinowo Lake. A great place for treatment and relaxation for whole families. Due to the surrounding forests and a very good diagnostic and therapeutic base, it is an ideal health resort. A perfect starting point for trips along the trail of great  Poles, at a distance of about 70-80 km there is Nowogródek, Zaosie, Niewierz, Mir, Kosów Poleski (Mereczowszczyzna).

Scope of disease treatment:

  • musculoskeletal system, including diseases of the spine

  • respiratory system

  • nervous system

  • circulatory system

  • cardiology

  • oncology


  • electro and light treatment: bioptrontherapy, laser therapy

  • hydrotherapy: pool; baths: herbal, pearl, mineral-saline, pine, contrast, turpentine; showers: Szarko, circulating, rain effect, cascade, underwater massage, sauna, cedar barrel, SPA capsule, dry carbonic acid bath, dry carbonic acid bath with steam sauna)

  • thermotherapy: borowina - general and local compresses; paraffin-ozokerite compresses; herbal wraps

  • cryotherapy (cryochamber)

  • inhalations: alkaline, salt, with the use of medicines, herbs and essential oils, halotherapy (salt cave), aromatherapy

  •  massages: manual, mechanical

  • fitness exercises, gymnastics

Recreational and sports base  - sports:

  • an indoor swimming pool

  • sauna, Russian banya

  • auditorium for 300 people

  • dance room

  • Gym:

(basketball, volleyball, football)

  • open library

  • bar

  • gym

  • billiards

  • volleyball and basketball court

  • Children's Playground

  • beach, gazebos, barbecue area

  • rental of bicycles, boats, fishing equipment, skis, sleds, etc.

Other benefits and amenities:

  • dental office (extra charge)

  • pharmacy

  • orthodox chapel

  • post

Your passport must be valid for a minimum of 90 days from the end of the tour and have at least 2 free pages.
One passport-size color photograph (size 3.5 x 4.5 cm), sharp, recent (not older than 6 months), clearly showing the eyes and face from both sides from the top of the head to the upper part of the shoulders, so that the face covers 70 80% of photographs show a person without a headgear, looking straight ahead, with their mouth closed.
A computer-filled visa application (documents to download), printed on both sides and signed by hand (the signature should be the same as in the passport).
Documents must be delivered or sent to the office selling the offer at least 21 days before departure.



SanatoriumChaborok consists of two-storey pavilions with 1/2 os. room, room studios and two-room apartments. IN each room has a TV, fridge, cordless kettle and basic dishes, most have balconies.


The sanatorium restaurant is located in a detached building, offers 5 meals a day (breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, dinner, kefir as the 5th meal)


as directed by your doctor

  • 15-day stay, minimum 5/6 treatments per day

  • 8-day stay, minimum 3/4 treatments a day


Travel cost: Biała Podlaska - Brest - Sanatorium Brest - Biała Podlaska - 98 PLN/person + the cost of travel from Brest to the Sanatorium depends on the number of people
Departures from other cities on request

The price includes:

  • accommodation

  • food 

  • treatments

The price does not include:

  • health resort fee (payable at the sanatorium):

  • 8 days: room 1 person: 17 EUR, room 2 os. 12 EUR

  • 14 days: room 1 person: 20 EUR, room 2 os. 25 EUR

  • travel costs 

  • additional treatments 

  • sightseeing trips organized by the sanatorium.

It is mandatory to take:

  • women - gynecological examinations, chest roentgen

  • men - chest x-ray

  • an optional complete blood count and ECG are indicated

  • you can take other medical documents

  • TU Signal Iduna insurance

  • Belarusian visa

  • consular fee

  • a set of visa documentation

  • intermediation in obtaining a visa


How to make a reservation?

By phone, e-mail or in the reservation system at - tab Sanatoria.It is necessary to provide personal data (names and surname, date of birth, passport series and number) and contact details (exact address of residence with postal code, telephone number) of participants and the date of the stay and place of departure, if the offer includes transport.After receiving the above information, our consultants will prepare a contract and contact you to discuss the details.

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